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Related article: Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 20:54:04 EDT From: Subject: adventures of tray and jay 41"Adventures of Tray and Jay 41"PART 41: MENAGE A POPIt was time for John boy to meet my pop, past time, so we cruised over to the house kind of unannounced, see, because what's the big deal. The real shock for pop was my Adam boy, and we were all way over that. Mom's into genealogy now and she was away at some convention somewhere, but that was beside the point, too, because all I wanted was for John and pop to say hi and hug, you know, not whatever. Still, it surprised me a little when they went and did it right there in the doorway, see, I mean, pop never even hugged ME in the damn doorway, so what's that about?Well, fine, three can play at that. So John boy and I are sitting on the couch, only, I sat first so John automatically takes a spot about a foot and a half away, but he corners his own damn self by the Young Lolitas armrest so it wasn't my fault when I scooched over that way real close and the poor guy had nowhere to go. I just love messing with his cute head, seriously, he's just like Adam that way, so proper in public. As if my pop's living room is public. And as if my pop and I don't both know what an uncouth little wild man John is in "private," otherwise what's he doing with me?"So, John," goes my pop, in his best Meet the Press voice, "you and Adam and my two sons are all living together under the same roof." Only, it's not a question, so I see John grin uncomfortably and nod, as if he suddenly isn't sure my pop understands what's going on under that roof."Don't forget Dylan," I piped in maliciously and watched John squirm."Oh, that's right!" pop remembered suddenly. "So tell me, John, where do you all sleep? I mean, do you move around from bed to bed or is it pretty much set?"John's mouth dropped! Fuck yeah! I put one leg over his and grabbed his soft, sensitive little boy hand, and I swear I was only going to peck him on the cheek but something wicked just came over me and my tongue came out of my mouth and licked him good in his ear, and I heard him grunt and felt him go weak and liquid beside me. I looked at him until he stopped blinking and swallowing and looked at me, and then I leaned close and rubbed my nose gently against his. We said nothing, not out loud anyway, but we heard each other clear.I whispered in his ear, "In case you didn't know, boy, it runs in the family. We're just messing with you." Then I smiled and felt his hand slipping from mine, and I saw an odd gleam in his eyes that certainly made me nervous, and next thing I know he's...God Almighty! Before our shocked eyes, John boy whipped it out, and it was mostly soft at first...Until he licked his lips and his eyes went droopy and he stroked his cock a few times, nice and easy, and it twitched and went half-hard, and I gaped and looked at pop, who was feeling himself up and watching. I shook my head clear finally and grabbed that hot dick away from the boy in a flash and felt it go all the way solid rock in my fist. John gasped softly and threw his head back, but when I tried to go down on him he pushed me back roughly and I laughed, incredulous. I stared at him, but his eyes were locked on pop."I've had both your sons, sir," John said bluntly, so I jumped along with pop, only of course pop LOVES to be called sir and it made him a tad light-headed. "Wanna show me where they got it from?"FUCKIN-A!Well, while I was gawking at my second boy, pop wasted no time getting on his knees between John's legs and putting his hand over mine that was wrapped around John's flaring boner, and then licking the big, happy, round, red knob until it shined with pop spit! I ran my fingers through pop's short, macho man haircut and watched John's mouth go wider and wider and his eyes narrower and narrower. His breath escaped in wild little grunts that made my own hard-on burn and my nuts boil. My clear juice was coming on freely in my Tommy's.I pulled off my shirt and had to let go of John's cock so pop suddenly dove all the way down on it, and all John could do was go "UHHHHHH!" He grabbed pop's head and held on lovingly. Pop let John's prick go with a wet, messy PLOOP that left his spit running thick down my boy's pole, and then pop chuckled and buried his face in those funky, big, delicious balls I've come to love so much myself. John boy winced! Yeah! Only, it was a good wince, see, total, overwhelmed pleasure!I helped John out of his shoes and socks and then his slacks and underpants and finally went to work unbuttoning his thin dress shirt. I was in awe once again as I stroked his smooth, 19-year-old chest and played especially with his flat nipples that hardened at my touch and made him groan louder. So I flicked my tongue over those little round beauties and felt him shiver and spaz under me, and I bit down and sucked, harder and harder, driving my manboy wilder every second..."OH I'M GOING I'M GOING, GOD I'M..."John boy couldn't even finish, he fell apart under me and tensed to the breaking point and choked, and I heard my pop choking even more, real bad, gagging, so I looked and saw John had pop hard in his hands by the back of pop's neck and was jamming his gushing prick down my old man's throat and emptying out a fearsome load of boy spunk! Oh, man, I was so hot I almost sprayed in my shorts! John took a long-ass time finishing in pop, but pop was happy as can be if choked half to death!At last the explosion was over, and John was panting and sweating bad, his chest heaving, and pop was swallowing over and over trying to get the whole thick load of teen sperm to go down, but I knew he'd be tasting it for hours more! I planted my mouth on John's and savored his sweet mouthful of dude spit and his wet, hard tongue that played rough with mine, and I knew he needed a lot more. Cool!"I think you owe my pop a blowjob, dude," is all I said, and John grinned and leaned forward to get out of his shirt. The sight of him totally naked still makes me crazy. I helped pop out of his clothes fast, then the rest of mine, and when we were all buck-assed we moved to the middle Young Lolitas of the living room and got on our knees on the carpet and explored our bodies in a close circle.See, I really dig my pop. Him and his hard, athletic bod. I could play with his muscular back and abs and legs all fucking day, and I watched in pleasure as John boy discovered the same excitement I had felt for so long. I crawled behind pop and pressed my bone up to his crack and heard his breath explode from his mouth and felt his Young Lolitas hands come back and take me by my flexing butt cheeks. I licked and nibbled on his sweaty neck and started acting like I was going to give him a hickie so he tensed and moved to stop me, but I wrapped an arm around his throat and had him good and he knew it!Oh, fuck, yeah, pop knew he was mine! I suddenly felt more excited than I could remember ever being. I had my pop in my total control, and there was nothing he could do to stop me if I decided to leave a mark on his neck! Fuck, I wanted to do it! One arm around his throat, the other hand pulling his head back by the hair, my mouth sucking on his neck, I pounded my cock in his rear and suddenly stuck my tongue out and licked him again, and I heard the complete rush of relief escape pop's throat and felt his body go limp in gratitude. That man was mine. I owned his ass, see.Well, John boy owned pop's cock, which he got down on his hands and knees to take slowly, his smooth hands on pop's hips as he went up and down that nice, long piece of experienced man meat! John humped the carpet as he sucked my pop, and my mouth had moved up to pop's, which I had forced around to the side so I could take it like I wanted. Pop tasted real good, especially knowing I owned his ass. I'm telling you, it's a thrill I never knew I could feel, see, the thrill of power and control, of owning your father for once in your life, at least! Fuck! What I was fixing to do to that man!But I had other plans at first. I stood abruptly and straddled John boy down there being the happy cocksucker he is and shoved my riled son dick straight down pop's throat and just pumped it mean and nasty in and out, hard as hell, see, I really fucked pop's face good. And you bet he got off on it! He loved having his older son use him that way while his older son's second lover boy ate his tasty treat. Both of them went to groaning, and then I could tell pop was getting there and so could John, whose slurping intensified, and I felt my nuts boiling over...And I swear it happened so fast I couldn't stop it, my jiz just flew out of my balls and through my throbbing dick and down pop's throat, and it sent him over into John boy's ready mouth! They were both sucking and slurping and eating cock to their heart's content, see! God, I love cocksuckers!I took pop roughly in my hands and threw him up onto his hands and knees and grabbed John and made him get over behind pop, and then I took John's head by his hair and forced it down behind pop's rear with my boy's nose shoved deep into pop's crack, and they both made this totally hot riled man sound, together, that sent my cock jumping and leaking more jiz that didn't make it out into pop's cocksuckin mouth.I licked my lips and bit them hard just watching my stud boy eat my pop out! It was hot, see. Hot. I know what that boy's mouth can do to a guy back there in the most personal spot a dude has, okay, and seeing John do it to my own pop was too much. I started stroking myself slow and easy with one hand and tickling my loose balls with the other, and my stomach and all were getting way overheated. So finally I leaned over and laid one on pop, yeah, I smooched him good and hard, and you know he gave it back. Fuck! I guess hot kissing just runs in the family.I couldn't take it any more. I bumped John boy out of my way and slid behind pop and let John have his way with his mouth on my cock for a minute, lubing it up nice and slick, and then I guess I lost it, see, because the way I did it was kind of harsh, but I couldn't help it. Right? Okay. I shoved it in pop just like that, no hello, no father-may-I, no nothing, see, just BAM! Straight up my old man's butt! Oh, and shit, did he squeal! Oh, my God!"Damn, Tray!" went my John boy and grabbed my hips like he thought he might be able to stop my wild ass! Guess again. I only pumped it harder, see, until my pop's face was getting a good carpet burn and Young Lolitas his hands were holding onto his head for dear life! Yeah! I mean, I fucked my pop good. Every thrust of my narrow hips sent my rock hard piece forcing its way through the tightest hole there is, my pop's. After a while it was getting real hot and tense down there so I put my open palm out to John and he just stopped gawking at the crazy action down below long enough to get the message, and he hawked up a great, slick loogie.Well, that plus my own sweet spit that I sent from my mouth straight down onto my frenzied meat did the trick, and my pop sighed in relief as the burning eased and my pecker slid more naturally in and out of his tortured hole. But I know he was starting to like it, see, it was only the way I shoved it in so rudely that started him off wrong."Yeah, son, that's good, go for it, boy, I love it, hear, love it," pop groaned like some kind of fag or something! So I did it harder. What else? I did it so damn hard my pop fell forward onto his stomach and I followed with all my weight burying my cock up his guts, and my arms looped up under his shoulders and around the back of his neck for a good hold to fuck his brains out for real! And that's what I did, you bet your ass...or pop's!I lost it all the way, see. I humped my pop like some crazy mental bastard and clamped his legs shut with mine so it got even tighter in his funky, dick-loving hole, and the urge to have my way with pop kicked into overdrive. My eyes were closed, my head resting against his, both of us sweating like mad, and I smelled him, that spunky, manly sex thing that comes out when you go all the way with someone, and I felt John laying there beside us and holding on, his hands stroking our glistening bodies.Suddenly, John let his left fuck finger go up my butt from the backward momentum of my hips pulling out of pop for another run, and when I slammed it back in Young Lolitas pop John's finger went with me only found its way DEEPER up my shoot! Young Lolitas Oh, man!"Fuck what are you doing, boy?" I croaked, and my stud just chuckled all evil and nasty! Plus he went to fucking me good with that finger. He got it all the way up to my prostate and sent me flying with the shivers and tingles all over. I felt the first signs of blast-off coming on, see, but I wasn't there yet. "Come here, John boy!" I panted with my eyes still closed, and he was right there at my mouth where I needed him. His finger stayed put in my ass while his mouth sucked on mine, and pop started whimpering like a pup!Well, shit, I was getting breathless from all of it, see, no doubt! Wild-ass sex like that is a workout, I'm here to tell ya! Sweat was dripping off my face onto pop, and John was licking some off between slurping on my mouth, and it was too much finally, I had to go for I tensed and grunted like an animal and planted it all the way up the old man's shoot, and he felt it coming..."Yeah, Tray, do it!" he panted. "Do it, son! Cum in me, kid! I want all of it, hear, all..."And that's when it happened, I nutted off completely in my pop's ass! John held on hard to my head with one hand and tweaked my inside spot with his other finger while I clamped down intensely with my love muscle, and I know both me and my pop felt every twitch and spaz of my dick rocketing off inside him, and our hearts beating dangerously into each other. By the time it was over, John and I were blowing spit in each other's mouths and loving every wet taste of it!I just happened to glance up and spot my little bro in the shadows, his cords and Speedos below his waist and his fist all a blur over his big-ass kid cock! His mouth was open in boy excitement, and his eyes drooped, but he saw me looking and shook his head fast barely in time to stop me from calling out his name and ruining his surprise, I guess. I quickly distracted pop and John, making them face me as we all disentangled with difficulty.Their backs were to Jay, so he lost his pants fast but quiet, then his shirt, and started creeping toward us. Jay was the only one of us not out of breath, and he was ready to pop! And from the direction he stared, I knew he had our pop on his mind."Pop, close your eyes," I said, and when he was going to protest I glared at him, and I guess he was too damn tired to fight, so he did it. John boy made a cute little frown and looked over his shoulder and almost ruined it with a gasp, but he caught it just in time. "Get up on your hands and knees and turn around, but keep your eyes closed."He did it, and I swear, he was clueless what I was up to. Jay's eyes gleamed, it was scary, see. Really. What he could do to pop with that monster boy cock of his made me nervous just imagining, okay. Jay stopped a foot from pop and dropped to his knees silently and took his 9.5" weapon in hand and SLAPPED pop's face with it, HARD! Pop winced and gasped, and Jay grabbed his head and shoved his prick straight to the short hairs down our old man's throat, and then pop's eyes flew open, you bet!The surprise and pleasure on his red face when he looked up and saw his younger son choking him with his huge dick was beautiful, really. Pop glowed, and it spread to John and me. As for Jay, well, my kid bro was an animal right then, see. He was out of it in total lust, licking his lips, eyes closed gently, head thrown back and HUMPING pop's happy face!Too bad it didn't last long. Jay's cheeks spazzed, and his teeth gritted together, and I watched every part of his sweet teenage body knot up and flex until he was ready to snap, and the next second, he did it. Jay held pop's head in both hands and froze in sexual joy, his mouth wide open but silent, and the only other sign that he was squirting off was pop's chugging throat that Young Lolitas was filled past capacity with his younger son's throbbing boner.Well, fuck me, but Jay was having trouble breathing when he started to come down from the rush of a fatherly blow job, and he coughed spit all over pop's back, and I saw his eyes open at last and clear, sort of, but then before any of us could get over the thrill of what just went down, Jay pulled out of pop and shoved him hard down and onto his back. Pop actually looked sort of pissed then, but there was no time for that because Jay had his own agenda, see. Oh, yeah!Jay jumped between pop's spread legs and crawled forward until those legs were headed back to pop's ears! Pop got the hint and took his ankles and held on tight, and John boy and I tried to catch it all but it was so damn fast! Jay spit in his hand and jacked his still rock hard on and crawled a little further, and before anyone knew it...his pecker was up pop's hole! Sure I warmed pop up, so to speak, but nothing prepares a guy for a piece of meat as big and thick and hard as my kid bro's! Nothing. Take my word for it!"FUCKING LITTLE SHIT!" pop wailed, and I lost it, okay, really, I cracked up! John tried not to but only hurt himself holding it in, and Jay grinned all evil and nasty like the truly bad boy he is but never even thought of slowing the action of the sodomy he was laying on our pop! Someone, I aint saying who, taught that boy right.So Jay went to slamming it to pop hard and mean, and pop was sliding across the carpet so John and I took Young Lolitas hold of him and held him in place and smooched nice and sweet and tender and wet over pop's legs. I reached behind Jay and ran my hand over his sweaty spine, down to his crack that squeezed and let go, squeezed and let go, over and over on my excited fingers. He felt so damn funky and spunky back there it made me dizzy!Okay. I'm sorry, it's not my fault, see. But when Jay leaned into pop for real, and by then pop was past the bad part and more or less acting like a total queer, I mean the way he groaned and begged his little boy not to stop screwing his daddy brains out and all, like that, right...anyway, at that point, I couldn't be held responsible. Jay took pop like a bitch, throwing his whole weight over the man until pop's legs slid down around my bro's waist and clamped on as if to say, just try and get away, boy!And as Jay went into overdrive and pumped it fast and wild to pop, dripping sweat all over the place, I got behind little bro and lubed mine up and stuck it to him good and fast, like he did to pop. Jay went, "UHHHGH!" and chuckled! Fucking little brat! So I pounded his cute ass, and pop got the real brunt of it, and it sounded like it took his breath away, only there's nothing he could do, right? Hell, no. We were fucking like that, in a hot heap, so what does John boy do but...JOIN IN! John somehow worked his big bone up MY shoot, and it was so wild and intense and boiling hot that I wanted to cry! The sounds of four men getting it on in the living room, on the floor, sweating and buttfucking and panting and groaning and whimpering and all, can't really be described, see. You have to have been there some time. If you haven't, well, shit, go try it!Anyway, the four of us...pop, his two fag sons and one of their lovers...were joined as one, making love the man way, see, the hard way! Where there's an erection, there's a way, and where there are four total stiffies there's no doubt! We found a rhythm and locked into it without a word being spoken among us, we just felt it and went with it.I never felt anything like it. My lover boy John with his cock up my ass and his arms around my chest; me with my bone in my bro's butt and one arm around his throat while the other hand squeezed his hard nips; and "little" Jay's monster torturing our pop's stretched hole until we heard pop start to go off first, just a rumble in his throat and chest, but I saw his hands were behind his head! He wasn't touching himself!But he blew his wad anyway, and Jay let out this little yelp of surprise and pleasure and said, panting, "I love you, pop," and kept screwing until a few seconds more passed and HE jerked all over and emptied his nuts up pop's behind!We all fell forward, still joined in the sex act, and my arms looped up under John's and around his shoulders, and my cock ground into him, and he turned his face back to me and opened his wet mouth for a kiss, so you know I gave him one, and it went on and on as I felt my juice boiling over, and John felt my meat swelling in him, and when he just sighed and said, "Yeah, lover," we both lost it. Together we came, me in John and him in Jay, and I kissed the back of his neck and accidentally bit down on it, to tell the truth, which made John cry out for a second, but like I said, none of it's my fault! No way. I'm just a horny bastard, never pretended to be anything else!Poor pop was getting all the worst action, see, so he's gasping for air at the bottom of the heap, but don't think he'd have had it any other way! Oh, no! He's a dirty pop, let me tell you. Still we all got off each other and crashed on the carpet, and right off Jay went to kissing on pop, so I thought, damn! And I planted one on John, and licked the sweat from his neck and cheeks, and then licked his spunky, thick, hairy pits good and tasted his unscented young manhood and...I'm sorry, really, but I can't help it, see. Really. Somehow, my penis ended up in John boy's love hole, and we lay there like that on our sides, loving each other, sniffing our animal scents and soaking up the warmth of each other...Until we heard Jay and pop getting dirty again, and what could we do? I ask you? What could we do?
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